Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Be Jolly, By Golly

We are in the Holiday Spirit. Our Christmas cards are done and going out in the mail, some have all ready received hand delivered ones. The lights are up outside and this weekend we got the tree and the twins Christmas pictures done.

We bundled the kids all up and headed out in search of a Christmas tree.  First we had to go get new lights because Greg used all our lights around the outside of the house.  We decided to go with white lights this year and I really like them.  We got to the tree place and it was freezing.  We walked around and looked for a small tree because we wanted to put it on top of a table to keep the kids from playing with the ornaments.  They didn't have any trees smaller than six feet, we thought we could take a little off the bottom and it would work so we got the tree.  We don't all fit in Greg's truck so we had to take my car so the tree went on top of the car, luckily we lived close.  When we got home the tree did not fit on the table we wanted and would of had to cut off a lot so we just put it on the floor and are dealing with the kids getting into the tree.  We put the kids to bed and while they were in bed I decorated the tree and the rest of the house.

It was a perfect weekend to get all our Holiday decorating done because the morning after we got our tree up and decorated it snowed. It is so wonderful to wake up to a white blanket of snow (not so fun to drive to work in though!). When the twins woke up that morning and saw the trees and all the decorations they just stared and walked around really slowly, it was just precious

After the tree was decorated I thought it looked like a great backdrop for their Christmas photos. I took their photos which is so hard these days. I have to get them to stay in the position and place that I want and that is hard enough but to get them to look at the camera and smile is almost impossible. I have Greg behind me making noise with whatever he can, he's banging something, jumping, yelling and they just stare like what the heck is going on.  In the end I did manage to get a few good photos.  No smiles from Jaelee though.

Not our Christmas card just something I did while I was bored.