Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look whos walking...................well almost

The twins are now 14 months old and almost walking. They can stand up with no assistance and take 4-5 steps but then fall over and resort back to crawling. Jayse was the first to start standing up with no assistance a couple of weeks ago but he would just stand there and not take a step. He stands up so proud of his accomplishment. He looks at us and starts clapping for himself and we quickly follow clapping and cheering. Now Jaelee is standing up and quickly clapping all happy and proud of herself. I of course am proud of them as well. They are so cute and it is just awesome to watch them grow and learn. They can now take a few steps and I know they will soon be fully walking. (Hopefully in time to visit grandma and grandpa Thornton because I want them to walk on the beach) I am excited and exhausted at the thought.

Last night I found a new spot to take photos so we took my "new" photo prop out to my spot and took some photos. While we were out there taking photos the twins decided to show off their new skills. Below are a ton of photos. We all know I love photos. You can view my favorite photos from our photo shoot on my photography blog and even more photos on my flickr account.


Greg and I went white water rafting with our softball team this past Saturday. We had to get up super early to meet up with the crew and head up to Cougar Mountain Lodge. We went down a stretch of the river called the Cabarton. It was a lot of fun, the water was actually pretty warm and the white water wasn't too scary. Greg and I were in a raft where we didn't have to row which I think made it much more enjoyable. I was so glad our team captain Robert brought his camera and took pictures. Everyone knows I am a picture person but I didn't want to bring any of my cameras and get them wet or lost so I was super excited he did and he managed to keep it safe and dry the whole time. So here are a few photos.....we had tons of fun!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Before the Fourth

The day before the Fourth I had the day off so I went outside and played in the water with the twins. Brandi and Jenelle had the day off too so they were here to play. We filled the kids pool and put a sprinkler under the trampoline. I didn't think the kids would like going on the trampoline with the water under it but they did! I got some cute pictures of them so I had to post them.

(Jenelle and Jaelee on the trampoline)

(Brandi and Jayse enjoying the sprinkle of water)

(The twins in the middle of the sprinkler and trampoline)

Fourth of July

This year like many other years we went out to Melba for the Fourth of July. I was excited to see how the twins would like the parade and fire works now that they are a little older. We started out the morning by going to the parade.

(Jayse waiting for the parade to start)

(Jaelee waiting for the parade to start)

(My beautiful little family waiting for the parade)

(My little brother, Holden, was at the front of the parade carrying the flag!)

After the parade my whole family went to my moms house for lunch. My other little brother Hunter did all the cooking on the grill. It was so cute to see him cooking. They are growing up :(

(Hunter grilling)

(The twins enjoying my moms porch swing, they love to swing)

After lunch we went home and let the twins take a nap, well we did too. Then we went back out to Melba to watch the fire works. Accidentally left my camera at home so no more pictures. The fire works were awesome and the twins didn't even cry from the loud noise (thought the would) they were really tired but managed to stay awake for the whole thing. Of course they were out within a matter of minutes once they were in the car. Once we got home we put them to bed and Greg and I got to hang out in the hot tub. It was a great Fourth of July. Hope everyone else had a wonderful day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Swing Set

We were able to buy the kids a small used swing set with infant swings and they love it! Jayse loves to stick his tongue out when he swings of course and Jaelee goes between laughing and just sitting in there and enjoying it. Yesterday I had them in their swings and Jayse started to look a little sleepy. I left him in there and he feel asleep. It was so cute. I of course had to take a million pictures.

Just love little feet!