Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend it was finally pretty warm, we were outside for most of the weekend working on yard work getting ready for spring.  We also got to see my brothers and mom as they came by before my brother headed down to Utah for spring break.

We have this ugly bush in our front yard that was so overgrown it was covering half of the side walk.  I have been asking Greg for at least a year to get a hedge trimmer and trim it back.  He finally got one so we spent a lot of our weekend cleaning up the yard and still aren't done!

The kids were helping with picking up the leaves.  By helping I mean playing and throwing them.

Hockey Game

Greg scored tickets for us to go to a Steelheads hockey game.  It just so happened that Greg and I went on our first date to a hockey game because I had scored a couple tickets to the game almost exactly 5 years ago to the date (2 days difference).  It was fun to go and see how much the kids liked it.  We were lucky enough that the seats were right by the glass so we got to see all the action up close.  We got there a bit early and the players were practicing.  One saw Jayse and hit a puck over the glass for him.  He loves it and even took it to the sitters the next day to show everyone because he was so excited. 

It was fun watching the game and eating popcorn.  The kids took Greg & I's phones and were taking pictures for a while.  We left a little early to get them home and in bed.

Monster Jam

Greg and Jayse went to see the Monster Jam truck show.  Jaelee hate's loud noises - and it is super loud at these shows - so just Greg and Jayse went and had a boys night out.  Jayse really liked the monster trucks.  Greg bought him a t-shirt & flag that he now loves.  They had a lot of fun and he was so excited when they got home.


Once again because of my new obsession - pinterest I have been on a DIY jewelry kick.  I made a few pieces for myself and since my sister's birthday was near I made some for her too.  Here are some pictures of the stuff I've been working on.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Girls road trip to see Amy

Jaelee and I went with my best friends sister, Stephanie up to Lewiston/Clarkston to see Amy and her baby boy Ian.  It was a quick trip so I didn't take many pictures.  We left on a Friday night and met Amy in Grangeville to see her parents.  We visited for a while and then it was off to bed.  Saturday we made breakfast and hung out.  Jaelee went with Mary, Amy's mom to her preschool to feed the turtle and she came back with a new princess phone and pillow pet (which she sleeps with every night now)- thanks again Mary!  Then we all got in one vehicle and rode with Amy up to Clarkston.  She has just moved and lives in a new to her house.  Her and Kyle are doing a lot of work to the house and I was excited to see it.

We just hung out all day Saturday.  Amy and Stephanies cousin came by and her brother and girlfriend came by later that night for dinner.  It was nice to see her family that I haven't seen in a long time.

Sunday we went back to Grangville and Amy's sweet grandma gave me a cookbook she and Amy's aunt and put together.  It was so sweet.  I found a recipe in there for Monster Cookies and knew I had to try them one day.  The ingredients were in pounds not cups or table spoons.  Amy and I decided to make a half batch before Steph and I left.  It was a lot of fun and they were really good.

Jaelee and I had a lot of fun, so did Greg and Jayse at home.  They worked on our camper and hung out all weekend.  Can't wait to visit Amy again.

Living Room Camp Out

After the kids fair we had a living room camp out.  Once we made our tents I decided to also make the kids some pillow mattresses to go with them.  I just got a sheet and four pillows and sewed it together, I got the idea off my newest obsession, Pinterest.  Tutorial for the pillow mattresses is here:

Since the kids had tents & mattresses we decided we needed a camp out in the living room.  Greg was at a friends house so the kids and I had the camp out.  I got some glow sticks from the dollar store that we cut open and splattered on the inside of cleaned up pickle jars.  Idea also from pinterest.  We then settled in for a movie and popcorn.

Kids Fair

I took Jaelee and Jayse to the annual kids fair here with a friend of mine and her daughter.  I always get so nervous when I take them to something like that by myself because there are so many people but we all made it out alive.  They got their faces painted, played in blow up bounce houses, made a necklace and saw a bunch of animals.  I didn't want to lug around my large camera so all the pictures are from my phone.