Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun at the Fair

Greg and I took the twins to the Fair on Sunday.  The first thing we had to do was get food.  We love fair food.  Greg got some nachos, I got a gyro and the twins got corn dogs.  I  didn't realize though how expensive it is.  We spent 20 bucks on food and didn't even get drinks.  We got there right in time to see the hypnotist and they are always great to watch.  We watched for a while until the kids got restless.  We then headed over to the expo to look at all the photographs.  I entered 3 photos into the photography contest, last year one of my photos got honorable mention and this year I got a second place ribbon for my photo of the twins with my brother at sunset!  Woo Hoo!
After looking at the photos we headed over to the petting zoo. But before making it there we stopped and watched the kids "tractor pedal" contest.  That was so cute, kids of all ages racing, pedaling as fast as they can with the little pedal tractors.  When the kids again started to get restless we headed to the petting zoo.  When we got there we asked the twins if they wanted out of the strollers Jayse was ready to get out but Jaelee gave us this reaction...she did not want to get out or see the animals she kept hiding.

Eventually though she managed to peak out and saw Jayse feeding the animals so she wanted in on the action. They both had a lot of fun feeding the goats and sheep.
 After feeding the animals we walked over to the rides.  Greg and I were excited to watch the kids actually ride some of the rides but they were just a little too short again this year so we walked around and looked at the booths.  We grabbed some delicious fair doughnuts and sat down and watched the kangaroo show.  The kids thought that was exciting for about 5 minutes then they wanted to run around so we walked around some more and then headed home.

On the way home Jayse was making this eeeee eeeee sound from the back.  He just sequels and makes this funny face.  I had to take a photo of the funny face and one of his cute face.
Before we got home we decided to stop at Burger King.  We were all still a little hungry and super thirsty.  The twins played in the play area while Greg and I relaxed for a minute. 

I love making memories like this with the kids. 

Rafting 2010

Greg and I were able to go rafting with our softball team again this year. It is a lot of fun and I am so glad we all get together and do it. The night before Greg and I also got to go to some local drag racing. His work gave us free tickets to the Night Fire Nationals. It was a lot of fun watching those cars but it is so loud. I didn't bring my camera so we don't have any pictures but we have plenty of rafting.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pictures at Sunset

I have been trying for months to get a new family picture of us but the twins do not cooperate. They would rather run around and play. Last night the sky looked really cool because it was stormy with these dark clouds but a bit of color was peaking through as the sun was setting. So I told Greg I wanted to hurry and go over to this field by our house and get some pictures of the cool sunset and our silhouettes. So I think for now this is going to be as close to family pictures as I am going to get.
By the way we spent all weekend potty training Jaelee.  I think we are almost there, Jayse however has absolutely no interest in it so we'll wait until he is ready.