Saturday, February 12, 2011


I can't believe I didn't post a thing in January. We haven't really been up to anything exciting. I think for the entire month of January someone was sick.  The twins had strep throat the beginning of January.  Then they got the stomach flu.  We had one week where everyone was feeling good than I got a really bad cold and lost my voice.  Jayse got the stomach flu again and then Jaelee and I got it 2 days later and then Greg and my brother.  Now just 2 days ago Jayse got a cold, he currently has a fever and runny nose.

Anywho here is a recap of what we have managed to do in between being sick.

Greg had his birthday in January, we celebrated with cake.  My mom got married on Jan. 8th.  We drove to Utah for it and stayed at my uncles which was a lot of fun watching movies & playing Kinect.  I took a few photos at my moms wedding but didn't get my camera out other than that.

I decided I wanted to take some pictures of the twins since the last ones I had were at Christmas.  I took some pictures of them and it was warm enough outside we stayed out there and drew on the driveway with chalk.


For super bowl Sunday Greg and some friends played football and the twins and I played at the park.  In the picture below Greg is the one being tackled.  He was swore for days.