Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Year 3 Books

I finally finished the twins 3rd year books.  I have been working on them for over 6 months and this weekend I sat down and finished them.  I am really loving this digital scrapbooking.  I don't have to print the pictures then cut out shapes and paper and letters, it's all just a click of a button!

Anyway here is a look at the book.  They both have the same guts I just change the cover for each kid.  I was trying to get these done for their birthday but looks like it will be part of their Christmas instead.

Jaelee's Cover

Saturday, November 5, 2011


After we built the ship I decided I needed to add a few things to the twins' costumes.  I knew it was going to be cold and I didn't want them to have to wear their coats and cover up their costumes so I added a pirate jacket.  Then we didn't have any boots for them that looked piratie so I made shoe covers out of felt that looked like boots.  Both turned out pretty good I thought.

On Halloween day the twins got to come to my work for desk or treat.  They get to go around to every ones desk and get candy.  It's fun and they get a lot of candy because they get to go around several times.  I brought the ship to work and it was a big hit.  My co-workers really liked it.

Carving Pumpkins

We carved our pumpkins this year and the twins did a pretty good job helping - Jayse more than Jaelee. He did a good job helping Greg get the guts out and carving. I helped the kids draw a face on their pumpkins and then Greg and I cut them out.

Building the Ship for the Pirates

Every year Greg and I liked to make the Halloween costumes for the kids but since I have been so busy I didn't feel like sewing pirate costumes so instead since the twins wanted to be pirates for Halloween this year I came up with the idea that they needed a pirate ship.  Originally I had the idea to make it out of boxes and put it over our wagon but then I remembered that we had this piece of plywood in our garage left from another project and I thought we might as well make it out of that and then we could re purpose it after Halloween into a toy box or sand thing outside, or anything else. 

I did some research online about ships and then drew up the "plans".  Then with Greg's help I drew the outline for the ship on the piece of plywood and then he cut it all out. We still wanted it to fit over our wagon so Greg made a frame for it so it would slide right over the wagon.


Farmstead & Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to the Farmstead Maze & Pumpkin Patch.  They have a lot of things for kids to do there.  The day they were there they had face painting, costume contests, trick or treating and a princess you could take pictures with.  And then there's all the play things, the big bouncy thing, the slides and many others.

We started off playing on the slide and then made our way over to feed the goats.  On our way to the goats we got a picture of Jaelee with the princess in the huge chair.  Jayse did not even want to go near her.

Friday, November 4, 2011

October Stuff

Random catch up of some of the pictures I had on the camera of the stuff we've been doing. October is my favorite month but it's been a crazy month this year. I have been really busy with work and the twins were sick for the better part of 2 weeks (and by the way I am home from work right now because Jaelee was sick last night). Anyway we have still managed to do some fun things.

Jaelee has these two little dolls and she wanted her hair done like them.  So I braided her hair and she looked so cute.