Saturday, November 5, 2011

Building the Ship for the Pirates

Every year Greg and I liked to make the Halloween costumes for the kids but since I have been so busy I didn't feel like sewing pirate costumes so instead since the twins wanted to be pirates for Halloween this year I came up with the idea that they needed a pirate ship.  Originally I had the idea to make it out of boxes and put it over our wagon but then I remembered that we had this piece of plywood in our garage left from another project and I thought we might as well make it out of that and then we could re purpose it after Halloween into a toy box or sand thing outside, or anything else. 

I did some research online about ships and then drew up the "plans".  Then with Greg's help I drew the outline for the ship on the piece of plywood and then he cut it all out. We still wanted it to fit over our wagon so Greg made a frame for it so it would slide right over the wagon.


While Greg cut out the wagon the twins played in the box I had collected for the original idea of making it out of a box.

I decided their ship was going to be the Black Pearl so I went to Lowe's and bought some black stain.  I stained the ship and added some of the flags.  I then put Jaelee in her costume and took some pictures of her with the ship to get an idea of what it was like.  Then a few nights later I finished all the flags and got a picture of both the kids in it.


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