Saturday, November 5, 2011

Farmstead & Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to the Farmstead Maze & Pumpkin Patch.  They have a lot of things for kids to do there.  The day they were there they had face painting, costume contests, trick or treating and a princess you could take pictures with.  And then there's all the play things, the big bouncy thing, the slides and many others.

We started off playing on the slide and then made our way over to feed the goats.  On our way to the goats we got a picture of Jaelee with the princess in the huge chair.  Jayse did not even want to go near her.


After that Greg went and did the pumpkin canon and I took the kids to the big bouncy thing.

After bouncing we went over to the cow train.  Jaelee went on it and Jayse did not want to so he hung out by dad while Jaelee went around.

We then took a ride on a wagon being pulled by huge horses, it was a nice and bumpy ride.  Then we went through the mini maze a few times.  I used the opportunity to try and get some pictures of us.  It was the first time we went through the maze with the twins and they really liked it  We let them be in front and choose which way we went.  I am glad they had a mini maze this year because it was fun.  I'm not so sure I would think it was fun if it took us over an hour to get through though like the big maze does.

Had to get their picture with the pumpkins.
After going through the mini maze a few times we went on the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch.  We picked our pumpkins and got on the next wagon to bring us back.

After we got our pumpkins it was time to go home.  I tried to get a picture of the kids in this cut out but they were in the wrong spots and wouldn't poke their heads all the way through.  This is the best I got.
Another great year at the farmstead and getting our pumpkins.

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