Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stick People

Jaelee has been drawing little people like crazy lately. Her drawings are so cute. She draws mom, dad, Jayse, grandma and baby Jayden all the time. She gives everyone long hair and big eyes with stick legs and arms. I LOVE her drawings. I want to keep every single one of them and put them up on our walls.

She drew this one last night and I just had to share it. It is a picture of her and Jayse. This time she made sure she used a blue marker for the eyes, a black marker for the pupils and gave Jayse short hair. I brought it to work to show everyone her cute drawing. It was snowing out this morning so it got a little wet :(, hence the blur by Jaelee's eye.

Also last night I was playing with her hair and she said mom stop it.  I said but I like to play with your hair and she said "Mom my hair is not a toy, it's my hair."  What do you say to that?  She is just so smart.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Painting & Tents

This weekend Greg was working on a few more projects for me.  I wanted another type of shelf on a different wall and some pup tents for the kids.  While he was outside working on the shelf and tents the kids and I painted.  They each had a couple of posters to paint and I also bought them little canvases to paint anything they wanted on it.  Here is there beautiful work.

Fun with Frames

Greg was working on some shelves for me and I knew I wanted to fill them full of frames with pictures of the kids and their art work. So I went to the thrift stores and found a whole bunch of the old wooden ones. I'm not particularly found of the wooden frames so I bought some black spray paint to paint them. I took the frames apart sanded the wood a bit and then took them outside and gave them a nice black spray coat then because I bought cheap spray paint I had to add a coat of gloss.   While they were drying a lady bug crawled across one.  The kids loved it and followed it everywhere.

Pinterest - Blow Art

I love pinterest.  I find some great new stuff on there and some stuff that I knew about but forgot about, like putting paint on piece of paper and blowing it with a straw to make different designs.  The twins and I decided to do this.  I got out our paint, watered it down and gave the some straws.  When it was dry we added googly eyes and smiles.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Heros Day 2 & Super Bowl

I am so caught up on blogging that I am blogging about what happened today!  Jayse wanted his face painted again today. He picked a little bit different design and I painted it on. Today Jaelee decided to be a kitty cat.

Super Heros in Action

After bothering the kids with pictures for a while we went outside to ride their bikes.  They have gotten so good I have to run to keep up with them.

Super heros

After I took the paint off their belly's from our Valentine pictures I put Jaelee in my bed to watch a movie.  Jayse had seen a picture of a super hero face painting in my face painting kit and was begging me to paint his face.  So we sat down on the kitchen floor and I painted his face.  When we were done he said he needed a cape.  Finally the capes I made for them for Christmas a year ago were going to get used.  While I was finding the cape he looked in the mirror at his face.  At first I'm not sure he liked it.  He looked in the mirror and then turned away and told me to get out of the bathroom.  After he had his cape he had to go show Jaelee.  Right away she wanted her face painted too.  She picked a picture in the book and told me she wanted green & blue paints.  I painted her face, put her cape on and couldn't resist taking a few photos.

Valentines Pics

Woo Hoo I'm all caught up on blogging!

Yesterday Greg had to work so the kids and I had a busy day taking pictures and having fun.  I wanted to take some valentines pictures of them and update our blog header.  I had this vision of painting valentine stuff on their belly's and taking their pictures.  So that's what we did.  I made a heart valentine chain and used a painters cloth as background.  Jaelee wasn't feeling good and had a little fever but she was a good sport and let me get some cute pictures.  I am really happy with how they turned out.  Here are my favorites.

McCall Winter Carnival

We made it to the winter carnival in McCall this past Sunday - beware there are a lot of photos.  I took something like 200 and have shaved it down to below 50.  Before we went we bought the kids some snow suites.  Luckily when we went to Fred Meyer they were all ready on clearance and then clearance was an additional 50% off. We were able to get them snow suites and new coats.  Love when you get a good deal. 

It takes a couple of hours to get there and the kids were good the whole way up.  We got parked and started to unload our car.  We brought the wagon because it's a lot of walking and I knew the kids would get tired and I didn't want to end up carrying them.  We started out on our way to go see the snow sculptures. 


I am getting a bike from my sister for my birthday.  It was on back order so it's been majorly late.  While the kids and I were shopping at thrift stores for old pictures frames that I could spray paint and put some of their art work in, I saw a couple of bikes there for $5.  I thought it would be nice for them to have bikes since I am getting one.  The next day with Greg with us we went back to the thrift store and got the bikes.  We had to get new tubes and add training wheels.  Greg took the bikes to his work put the tubes & training wheels on and then power washed them.

The twins couldn't even peddle the bikes at first.  But within one day they were cruising around the block.  We have gone out every night when we get home and gone around the block on their bikes. 

They are getting so big!

Pinterest - Bath Paints

I love pinterest.  I have found some great crafts, recipes and projects on there.  I don't want to find all these things and then do none of them.  So I've been trying some things...we have done several recipes off there and I did shaving cream bath paints with the kids.  Here they are enjoying their paints.  And hopefully I'll be posting more projects I've found off there.

School for Jayse

We have been going through screenings with the elementary school to see if Jayse qualifies for speech/early preschool with the school.  The last part of the process was for him to go to the preschool for an observation.  I took him on his first day.  I did his hair and I think the only thing he was thinking about was trying to not mess it up.  As you can see from the pictures he's holding his hand above it the whole time.  When we got the school he clung to me for a minute and then I walked him over to a huge toy tool box.  He started playing with that and forgot all about me. 

Camping in January

We went camping the first weekend in January.  It was cold but we have our pop up camper, a generator, a heater and one mountain man.  We went out by Swam Falls.  One of Greg's friends and his family came with us.  The kids had fun playing with their little girl.

2012 Spiderman & Princess Photo Shoot

Woo Hoo I've finally made it to January blogging in February!

On New Years Day Jaelee put her princess dress on and Jayse was still in his spiderman jammies so I decided to grab some pictures of the Princess & Spiderman. 

New Years Eve

For New Years Eve we hung out at home.  The kids and Greg played a Cabala's shooting game with our Wii.  We watched a movie and then did a few fireworks and sparklers, Jayse did the sparklers because after the first firework Jaelee ran screaming into the house.  It was pretty low key and awesome.

Princess Castle

At our daycare they had this play house castle made from wood and all Jaelee wanted for Christmas was a princess castle and a doll house.  My mom had the doll house part covered and we looked everywhere for a play house princess castle.  A few days before Christmas our sitter text me and said they took down their castle and decided to give it to us for Jaelee.  She had been looking around for a castle as well and couldn't find one so they were just going to give us theirs.  I was so happy and appreciative this castle is pretty cool.  It is all wood and goes together like lincoln logs.  We didn't want to take it with us to Oregon so we put it together when we got home.  Here's a picture of the kids and their castle. By the way they posed like that I didn't even have to ask them. :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Christmas Jaelee woke up first and I let her go through her stocking.  Jayse woke up w a little while later and he went through his stocking.  We let the kids open one present and then we waited for grandpa to get back from church before we opened up the rest.  Greg made me wait to open my present and I was dying to open it because he ordered it online and had it shipped to his parents and normally he is terrible at keeping secrets, so I couldn't wait to see what he got me.

Christmas Eve

This year we were lucky enough to go to Greg's parents for our first Christmas over there.  We left on the 23rd for our road trip over there.  On the way we stopped and saw Greg's brother Darrin for a short visit and were back on the road again.  We didn't get to Reedsport until late like usual so we chatted for a minute and then it was off to bed. 

The morning of Christmas Eve Greg went duck hunting with his brother and the kids and I stayed back and enjoyed our big foot doughnuts.