Sunday, February 5, 2012

McCall Winter Carnival

We made it to the winter carnival in McCall this past Sunday - beware there are a lot of photos.  I took something like 200 and have shaved it down to below 50.  Before we went we bought the kids some snow suites.  Luckily when we went to Fred Meyer they were all ready on clearance and then clearance was an additional 50% off. We were able to get them snow suites and new coats.  Love when you get a good deal. 

It takes a couple of hours to get there and the kids were good the whole way up.  We got parked and started to unload our car.  We brought the wagon because it's a lot of walking and I knew the kids would get tired and I didn't want to end up carrying them.  We started out on our way to go see the snow sculptures. 

We decided to bring our dog, Bo, this year and I was a little worried about it because he is really hyper and being around all those people I was worried he would act crazy.  He ended up behaving ok but he had other problems.  After we passed our first sculpture he went to the #2 bathroom in the middle of every-ones walk way.  Luckily it was by the horses and a nice lady had a shovel we could use to clean up.  He ended up having bathroom issues for most of the day.  It was embarrassing but then he was getting himself so wound up that he started to through up to make it even better!  It was interesting bringing him.
This was one of my favorite sculptures.  It was seasome street, it had all the charactors and great details.

We did manage to have fun despite a crazy dog.  We saw some really cool sculptures - a giant buzz light year that looked just like him.  The kids got to slide down many of them.  Every time we turned around Jaelee was eating snow.  She has always liked to eat ice and snow.  When we saw all the sculptures we wanted we went and got our sleds and did a little sledding.  It was a lot of fun.  Jaelee and I crashed once and she wanted to go with daddy after that and I was perfectly fine with that because after we crashed I was all wet and freezing.  As the sun was setting we decided to call it a day and head home.

 This slide had a layer of ice and they went down pretty fast.

 This hill, they had to scooch down it, it's where we came back with our sleds.

Jayse going down the hill on the sled all by himself.  He looks a little terrified but he did it a few more times by himself.

I was trying to go down on my knees like Greg was but instead I flipped over Jaelee and landed in the snow.  Obviously didn't work for us.

 LOL they were very tired on the way home.
When they woke up we stopped at a gas station and got some snacks.  I think they enjoyed them.

We had a pretty good time and I am really glad we had the chance to go up to the Winter Carnival this year.

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