Sunday, February 5, 2012

Camping in January

We went camping the first weekend in January.  It was cold but we have our pop up camper, a generator, a heater and one mountain man.  We went out by Swam Falls.  One of Greg's friends and his family came with us.  The kids had fun playing with their little girl.

We camped pretty close to the dam so the kids and I took a walk to go see it.  They thought it was pretty cool, you can walk across the entire thing.  We played around their for a while and when the sun was starting to set I thought we better get back to camp.


 The kids found some sticks and they went into the porch of this old house that was by the dam and played for a while.

 And this is what Greg was doing while we were gone.....
Half way through the night the generator ran out of gas.  I was not very happy because we didn't bring extra gas because Greg guaranteed me that it would last the whole night.  Greg's friends ended up packing up and leaving because it got really cold without the heater and their little girl had wet her bed.  We stayed warm from our propane but as soon as I saw light I got Greg up and we headed home.

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