Sunday, February 5, 2012

Princess Castle

At our daycare they had this play house castle made from wood and all Jaelee wanted for Christmas was a princess castle and a doll house.  My mom had the doll house part covered and we looked everywhere for a play house princess castle.  A few days before Christmas our sitter text me and said they took down their castle and decided to give it to us for Jaelee.  She had been looking around for a castle as well and couldn't find one so they were just going to give us theirs.  I was so happy and appreciative this castle is pretty cool.  It is all wood and goes together like lincoln logs.  We didn't want to take it with us to Oregon so we put it together when we got home.  Here's a picture of the kids and their castle. By the way they posed like that I didn't even have to ask them. :)

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