Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa come to visit!

We were so excited that Grandma and Grandpa Thornton and cousin Braydon were able to come and visit us this weekend. We had a lot of fun but we were hoping for better weather. Still we did get to spend a lot of time outside. I played a lot of wiffle ball with Braydon and he helped me to finally get introduced to our neighbors after going over there to ask for balls back that were hit over the fence. I got to teach Braydon some new tricks on the trampoline which was fun because I havn't jumped that much in a long time. I'll admit though I was pretty tired after a day of wiffle ball & jumping on the trampoline. It was a big reminder that I am going to have 2 kids that want me to come and play.

We also got to go to the park where the twins love to swing. Braydon was able to make a friend real quick which was nice so he had someone to play with.

The last night they were here we got to play mini golf but forgot to bring our camera so no pictures. After mini golf we went and had dinner and then went and got cheese cake from the Cheese Cake Factory. MMMMM my favorite! Their time here was a lot of fun but like always we were sad the visit was so short.


I am on a softball team with some of my co-workers (well some used to be my co-workers, a lot of them were laid off with our last big lay off - hence our team name the Unemployed). Anyway it is a lot of fun. We are so laid back and just out there to have fun. Thanks goodness because I am horrible, I have never been athletic. Friday night we had a double header and because we got to play so much Greg got to join us in the second game. It was a lot of fun watching him play and now we have decided to sign up for a fall league together!

Jayse's first hair cut

We finally gave Jayse a hair cut. He did really well no whining or crying. I was a little sad to lose his cute curls but his hair was getting in his eyes so it was time.

(Jayse before the hair cut)

(Starting the hair cut)

(Done with the top so now he has a mullet!)

(Cutting the back, getting rid of the mullet)

(All done! My two handsome guys)

Monday, June 1, 2009

1st Birthday

The twins celebrated their first birthday on May 21st! Jayse couldn't eat any solids yet so we didn't do much. My mom came over and sister and we let them open presents and that was it.

(Jayse excited he got a shovel)

(Jaelee reaching in for more presents)

At the last minute we decided we wanted to have a party for the twins because Jayse was getting his arm splints off and was going to be able to eat again. So Tuesday night I was making invitations and planning their party for Saturday. We took the twins outside and put them in the hammock to get some pictures for their invitations. Trying to get a picture of the two of them both looking at the camera and smiling is almost impossible so after almost 30 pictures we decided to just do single photos.
(this was the best photo of the two some)

Saturday came and it was time to party. My mom, sister, grandpa & grandpa, Aunt & Uncle Harker, & my cousins Robyn & Jack came with their kids. We had a lot of fun. The kids went on the slip and slide, played in the kiddie pool, and jumped on the trampoline.

We had a lot of great food, bbq'ed hamburgers & hot dogs and I made 2 cakes. I was so excited to see the twins dig into the cakes. Jaelee didn't really like it which didn't surprise me because she doesn't like to get messy. She liked it when I fed it to her and she didn't have to get her hands all dirty. Jayse just dug in and made a big mess, I loved it! We took the high chairs outside so we could just hose them off when they were done and not worry about a big mess inside. It was a great day and I am glad we decided to have a party and thank you to everyone for coming. I can't believe the twins are all ready a year old. I love having them in our lives and am so proud to be their mom.