Monday, December 5, 2011

Is it already December?

I can't believe how fast the time goes lately.  It's amazing that it's all ready December.  I am so far behind on Christmas compared to where I usually am.  We don't have anything done.  I have several projects half done but can't seem to find the time to finish them.  Usually this time of year it slows down at work but I have been so busy there I am working overtime.  I did find the time however this weekend to do our family pictures and they turned out so cute.  I typically have those done before Thanksgiving so I can do my Christmas cards and hand them out at Thanksgiving but not this year.

I am skipping over a Thanksgiving post.  We went to my moms and had a nice time but I want to get to posting our family photos because I don't have much time these days I am going to skip somethings and post the really awesome things.

I found other photographers pictures that I liked and they were taking their photos in Star, ID so I wanted to go there and find the cute barns and old cars they were taking photos in front of.  So we headed out to Star.  We got to Star and it was not what I was expecting.  There was a lot of new homes and subdivisions.  Where are all those cute old barns?  We drove around on some roads for what seemed like forever until I finally saw this old falling down house and decided we would just settle for that.  I was hoping that it would help block some of the wind.  It was FREEZING cold outside and windy.  Of course we couldn't wear our coats because that would ruin the color coordination I was going for and not look good.

I brought my tripod but realized I had taken off the part that connects my camera to the tripod and was not about to go home for it so I had to balance my camera on the tri-pod then set the timer and hurry and run into the photo.  It's pretty amazing we can get any photos that look good with this method.  The one we had the most problem with looking at the camera was our dog Bo.  He wanted to run around and we were having a hard time just getting him to sit.  He made it into 1 photo and then went back into the car.  Jaelee was so cute we would take a photo and then she would run and get into Greg's jacket and cover herself completely and lay on the ground.  I'd like to thank my family for bearing with me and letting me drag you all the way out to Star in the freezing cold.  Without further ado here are our photos.

P.S. I'm saving the best for the cards so you'll have to watch for that in the mail - when I can find the time to print and mail them that is. LOL

This picture almost was the Christmas card.  You can see in Jaelee's face that she was freezing and behind her Greg is wiping and getting boogers out of Jayse's nose.  LOL  LOVE IT!