Sunday, October 23, 2011

Road Trip

Jaelee and I took a road trip up to see one of my bestest friends in Northern Idaho. Jayse stayed home with Greg.  We left Friday after I got off work and headed up to Lewiston/Clarkston.  It was homecoming weekend at U of  I and Amy had the whole weekend off.  There was a lot of traffic going up because it was homecoming.  It seemed just as I had passed all the RV's going 50 miles an hour Jaelee would tell me she had to go potty and I'd have to pull off somewhere and watch as all the RV's pass by us.  Other than that we had a pretty good trip up.

It's October!!

Most everyone knows that I love October. It's my favorite month. So October 1st I had our Halloween decorations out and ready to be put up.

The twins and I made ghosts out of coffee filters and cotton balls.  Then we hung them from our light fixture in the dining room. They did a very good job. We also hung up some Halloween guys we colored last year. It looks lovely!

BSU Football

Where does the time go? I can't believe October is all ready almost over.  We have kept pretty busy this month.  First off I feel like I lost my 3rd arm - my camera.  Last month it got an error message on the screen that wouldn't go away.  I googled online what it meant and found this tutorial on how to fix it.  So I went to the store and got everything it said I needed and then Greg worked on it for me.  It would take one or 2 pictures and then stop after he worked on it.  I decided to send it to Nikon for them to work on it but that took me several weeks to finally box it up and send it.  Long story short I still don't have it back and have been with out it for over a month now.  I have been having to use our old camera and it seems like no matter what I do with it every other picture is blurry.  Anyway back to the good stuff......

In September we went to a BSU home game and tail gated.  The twins had a lot of fun running around and playing with other kids.  The game was a little boring since it was pretty much a blow out so I spent a lot of time trying to get photos of me and the kids.