Sunday, October 23, 2011

Road Trip

Jaelee and I took a road trip up to see one of my bestest friends in Northern Idaho. Jayse stayed home with Greg.  We left Friday after I got off work and headed up to Lewiston/Clarkston.  It was homecoming weekend at U of  I and Amy had the whole weekend off.  There was a lot of traffic going up because it was homecoming.  It seemed just as I had passed all the RV's going 50 miles an hour Jaelee would tell me she had to go potty and I'd have to pull off somewhere and watch as all the RV's pass by us.  Other than that we had a pretty good trip up.

 I thought the sky looked crazy while we were driving up there.
 Had to grab a few photos while we were stopped.  I thought the background and sky were too cool to pass up.


Saturday we drove up to Moscow with Amy and went to her sorority that had been re-modeled.  It was really cool to see it again.  Jaelee looked really cute there, she might be a future tri-delt.  We visited with a few of Amy's friends from college and then headed back to her place to hang out.
 Ha Jaelee came out of Ian's room with his Halloween costume on.  I think she's a little big.

Sunday morning Jaelee woke up really early and after an hour of trying to keep her quiet so we didn't wake up Amy and her family I decided we would just slip out and head home.  We made it back by the afternoon and Greg and Jayse had been busy all weekend cleaning the house.  Thanks Boys!  And thanks Amy and Ian for a great weekend.

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