Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's October!!

Most everyone knows that I love October. It's my favorite month. So October 1st I had our Halloween decorations out and ready to be put up.

The twins and I made ghosts out of coffee filters and cotton balls.  Then we hung them from our light fixture in the dining room. They did a very good job. We also hung up some Halloween guys we colored last year. It looks lovely!

Then I worked on this Halloween craft I have been trying to do for 2 years. I saw these on a blog several years ago and wanted to do it so I saved pickle and other various jars for a year. Last year I bought the tissue paper and other supplies and did one. I put all the stuff back and saved jars for another year so I could actually do some this year. This year I finally made a whole bunch and loved the way they turned out. I am starting to think of a way I can adapt it for Christmas because I have a ton of jars left and it's really easy to do. Here is a link for the tutorial if anyone wants to try it out: for the pumpkins  for the monsters
We finished decorating the house on Monday unfortunately Jayse was sick with some kind of stomach flu.  He hung out on the couch while Jaelee and I put up the graveyard.

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