Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkins Part 2

Last night we got around to carving the 2 remaining pumpkins.  We wanted to do it with the twins, so we stripped them down to their diapers and started gutting the pumpkins.  Once Greg and I had gutted the pumpkins the twins followed us and made sure those pumpkins were cleaned out and perfect.

Once the pumpkins were all cleaned out we put our patterns on, traced them and carved out our awesome pumpkins.  Once again the twins had to go over it and make sure it was perfect....
When we were all done we had to take them outside and light them up. It was cold but not freezing so we just threw the twins coats on them and headed out there. I thought they would be in amazement of the pumpkins and just stare at them but they just wanted to run around outside so Greg took them quickly back inside for baths while I stayed outside and got a few pictures of all our hard work.

The new additions to the whole bunch. Greg's is the little guy and mine is the skeleton.
My pumpkin from the other night has all ready started to fall apart.  It's not looking so good but we had fun.


Last week we went to a pumpkin patch and and picked out our pumpkins.  We didn't get there until it was almost dark and it got dark soon there after but we were still able to walk around and get some great pumpkins.

 (The twins in the cart getting ready to head out to the pumpkin patch)

The ground was really uneven and bumpy so it was hard for the twins to walk around.  Jayse preferred to ride in the cart and Jaelee wanted to walk around taking quit a few spills - once even getting a mouth and nose full of dirt.

(Jaelee found the pumpkin she wanted!)
While we were waiting for someone to come and weigh our pumpkins the twins played around.  There was some music playing and so Jaelee was dancing and running around.   Jayse however just wanted to play with the cart, no surprise there.

I wanted to get a picture of the twins together.  We had to put them on top of a hay bail to keep them from running off.  It is getting increasingly harder to get a decent picture of them together.

A couple days after we went to the pumpkin patch Greg and I carved two of the pumpkins after the kids went to bed.  We cheated and used on of those pattern books to make these cool carvings.  Mine is the guy peaking through blinds and Greg's is the scary fire face. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a cute family I have.

First I have to say WOO! HOO! it's October.  I love love love October.  It is my favorite month mostly because it's the month that Halloween is in and Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I have been wanting to decorate the house for Halloween but Greg has made me wait until October so it's here and you better believe that tonight we will be hanging spider webs and getting the house Halloween ready.

Secondly I have to say I just love my family, they are so stinkin cute!  So you know what that means, lots of pictures to come!  We have had a great week.  Bo has been a great addition to our family.  He is a well tempered dog and very smart.  Greg took him camping and he did really well with him.  This morning was the first time I have even heard him bark.  And the poor little guy puts up a lot from the kids.  They are always poking him and Jayse likes to lay on him.  Here is a cute picture Greg captured of Jayse laying on Bo.

So everyone knows I love ranch.  I was eating carrots the other night with ranch and of course the kids had to have a carrot with some ranch too.  I put a little ranch in cups for them to dip their carrot in.  Well....eventually they ditched the carrots and were just licking the ranch from the bowls. It made a big mess but I thought it was so cute.  It looks like I have passed my ranch loving habit onto my kids.

On the same night we had ranch we also had spaghetti.  Normally we have helped the kids eat spaghetti but this time we let them have full reign of their own dinner.  Jaelee doesn't really like spaghetti sauce so she had noodles with butter so no cute pictures of her but look at Jayse's spaghetti sauce beard, lol.

Now for Greg's so cute moment.  When I came home from work yesterday Greg had dressed Jaelee in one of her cute little dresses and he thought it was a little cold so he put a pair of pants on her underneath it but then the pants were too long so he rolled up her pant legs.  The awesomeness of this outfit didn't stop there.  Her pants wouldn't stay rolled up so Greg went looking for safety pins to keep them up.  He could only find one so he put a safety pin in one pant leg and he used scotch tape to keep the other pant leg up.  I laughed so hard when I came home and saw her outfit, this is something only a dad would do.  She still looks awfully cute.

The fun and the cuteness didn't stop there.  I let the kids go outside and play while I made them dinner.  I went outside to check on them and didn't see them.  I looked around the shed and there they were playing in the dog house.  And where was Bo?  He was in the house sleeping on their couch. 

And finally here are a few more photos that I captured during the week that I thought were really cute of the kids.

Oh and I almost forgot one of the greatest events from this week.  Greg and I's last softball game for this season was on Monday.  We were about to go win less for the season but we played a great game and got a win!  Greg did really well and got his third home run for the season and I actually managed to hit the ball and make it to first twice!  We had a lot of fun playing softball together and look forward to next season.