Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkins Part 2

Last night we got around to carving the 2 remaining pumpkins.  We wanted to do it with the twins, so we stripped them down to their diapers and started gutting the pumpkins.  Once Greg and I had gutted the pumpkins the twins followed us and made sure those pumpkins were cleaned out and perfect.

Once the pumpkins were all cleaned out we put our patterns on, traced them and carved out our awesome pumpkins.  Once again the twins had to go over it and make sure it was perfect....
When we were all done we had to take them outside and light them up. It was cold but not freezing so we just threw the twins coats on them and headed out there. I thought they would be in amazement of the pumpkins and just stare at them but they just wanted to run around outside so Greg took them quickly back inside for baths while I stayed outside and got a few pictures of all our hard work.

The new additions to the whole bunch. Greg's is the little guy and mine is the skeleton.
My pumpkin from the other night has all ready started to fall apart.  It's not looking so good but we had fun.

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