Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween this year was fabulous of course. We made costumes for the twins and for us. It is just so much fun to make your own costumes. The twins were Pebbles and Bamm Bamm.

On the day of Halloween we got the twins ready in their Halloween costumes and headed to my moms. They have an annual trick or trunk at the church.  Every one gets together at the church and you give the candy out of your trunk. This is cool because in Melba most everyone lives out in the country and far apart from each other and some people get really creative with their trunks adding lights, decorations, spooky noises and there was even a haunted trailer.

(I tried to get a picture of the two of them together but they were having too much fun running around it was impossible to get them to stop and get a picture)

The twins were so cute. I think they liked all the excitement of the people and kids. Jaelee just wanted to run around. She didn't want to hold any ones hand. If we tried to hold her hand she would just lay on the ground - so we let her run around. Jayse is such a grandmas boy and all he wanted to do was hold grandmas hand. They got a pretty good amount of candy which is good news for me and Greg.

After trick or trunking we went back to my moms and dropped the twins off so Greg and I could go to his friends annual Halloween party.  We went back to our place and got ready.  Greg was a spartan like on the movie 300 and I was an Egyptian.  Greg made his costume out of some fabric, spray paint, cardboard, and a plastic helmet from the $1 store.  I drew abs on him from my make up and he was done.  My costume was made out of a dress I all ready had and some gold rope I had used a previous Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you had a great Halloween also!

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  1. Your children are absolutely precious! And those costumes... how perfect. You make me wish I had twins!