Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Pig Flu & Family Frenzy Photo Shoot

Before we get to the photos I have to mention that we all are just getting over the H1N1 flu.  Greg started with it and we have no idea where he got it.   He was really feeling sick Monday the 2nd and just got worse, I kept telling him he had the H1N1 and he would just roll his eyes.  By Friday he was starting to feel better but on Friday the twins came down with fevers.  I was not going to go into the weekend with sick kids and no Dr.'s office open so I made an appointment for them right away and brought them in.  It only took a few moments after they swabbed Jayse for the test to come back possitive for H1N1.  The Dr. wrote a prescription for tamaflu for me and the kids.  After we got the medicine and the twins had some Motrin they were feeling better within hours.  Unfortunately it did not work for me like that.  I was horribly sick for days.  Missing Monday & Tuesday of work.  This is the worst flu Greg & I have ever experienced in our lives.  I have a feeling just about everyone is going to get it so I am glad we all ready got ours over with.

 Now that fall is officially here I wanted to get some new family photos done.  Greg so graciously got his hair cut and shaved - I cut Jayse's hair, I cut Greg's hair once and thought I did an ok job but he says it will  never happen again so he had a professional do his.  Anyway once we were all schnazy looking we went out into the woods with tripod and camera in hand.  I wanted to go back to this bridge I found a couple of weeks ago when I took my brothers senior pictures but when we got to it it was covered in snow.  I didn't even think about snow being up there.  Luckily we found this spot and were able to get some great photos.  So here are a few of them.  I posted the rest of them on our flickr account.  The link to that is on the side of my blog.

I have to add that on the way to to the woods I turned around to look at the twins and they were holding hands. I thought it was the cutest thing ever so I had to take some pictures of them. Greg says they do it all the time.

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  1. The pictures are beautiful. Don't you just love the fall & how it makes all the colors just pop!