Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks for the Giving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I made my first pie!  Which turned into 2.  We had a great day and it started early.  We had to be in Melba by 9 so Greg could play flag football with my family against some of the boys from church.  The twins and I went to watch Greg but stayed only long enough to get some pictures and then went to my moms, it was way too cold.

The twins, my sister and I hung out at my moms until it was turkey time and then we went to my Aunts.  Greg was all ready there as they had finished football a few hours earlier.  I had family come up from Utah and it is always great to see them.  We ate lots of great food and when we couldn't eat anymore we played Bingo and some watched football.  Bingo was a lot of fun there were a lot of great prizes.  I won new hair ties for Jaelee - woo hoo, a new stocking which we needed for Bo, and checkers.  After Bingo we then decorated candles to take home.


The twins had so much fun playing with all the kids.  After pie and picking at more food we decided to head home.  Greg put the twins in the car while I rounded up our stuff and by the time I got to the car the twins were sleeping.  That is a record time to fall asleep for them - it just shows how much fun they had.  We had a great time, thank you to my family for all the fun.  I even got to go back out there on Friday and do an awesome craft and Greg got to go duck hunting with friends.  We have a new decoration for our living room make over and a bunch of ducks to make duck jerky. 

Yesterday I made 8 dozen pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and since I got a huge turkey from work Greg and I decided to make it and have another mini Thanksgiving.  I felt like I was cooking all day, except I did get a break when my sister offered to watch our kids while Greg and I went to a movie.  We saw the Blind Side, it is really good and a great movie to see around this time of year, it makes you feel very grateful.  I am very grateful for my family and that I had not one but 2 awesome thanksgiving feasts.

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