Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sharing the Food

So I love those blogs that share cool cooking or crafting tips. So here is my attempt at one of those cool baking tips and I'm sharing a favorite family dish of ours.

I love this dish from Smoky Mountain Pizza and Pasta. It's chicken fettuccine alfredo with a twist. The chicken is cooked in teriyaki sauce. I love it but it is pretty expensive to take the whole family there and eat so I came up with my own teriyaki chicken fettuccine alfredo. It is super fast, simple and cheap to make. First I start by cooking boneless skinless chicken breasts. While that is cooking I start the pasta - we just buy pasta roni, 2 boxes - just follow the directions on the box for making this. Then I steam some broccoli - you can add whatever veggies you want we just prefer broccoli. At the restaurant they added mushrooms, broccoli, and something else but I don't remember what. When the chicken is cooked I cut it up into small pieces and then put it back in the pan and pour the teriyaki sauce over it and stir it around to make sure it's evenly coated. That's pretty much it. I stir the broccoli into the pasta and dish it up and then put the chicken on the top. We all love it and total I would say it costs less then $7. It's a great main dish or side dish.

Ok now for my attempt at fondant.  I found this recipe for it that I wanted to try here. It is for these cute ghosts that I want to try next year for Halloween but for now I just used it to make decorations on my cake. I followed the directions on how to make it but cut the recipe in half since I was only making decorations.
I wanted to decorate my cake with cute flowers but I don't have flower cookie cuters and couldn't find any at the store so I got some snow flake ones instead. I used blue food coloring to turn my fondant blue and rolled it out. I cut out my snow flake shapes and then made my cake.
I just made a cake from a box. I don't care for vanilla cake so I used spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Once my cake was frosted I added my snowflakes to it. I thought the white and blue would make it look wintry but it doesn't. In fact it looks nothing like I envisioned. It looks like a mad hatters hat or a cake with star fish on it. Greg said maybe I put too many snowflakes on it. I don't know it just looks funny. Anyway I will try decorating my cake again with fondant but wont use blue snowflakes.

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