Monday, November 8, 2010


Halloween is my favorite! I had my Halloween decorations out October 1st and up. The twins have helped along the way. We tested lights - I call these the trail of blood.........
And colored mummies, witches & Frankensteins.
And colored some more....
I think Jaelee got more on her body than anything else.  She even managed to draw a snowman on her belly.  And I set my camera down for a second and Jayse somehow took a picture of his own work (pic on the second row on the right).  I see two little kids following in mommy's footsteps!
Here's our home all decorated, I like it to be spooky!

I decided this year the twins would be a cowboy and a cowgirl.  Like I've said before we like to make our costumes.  The basics for their costumes were pretty easy but I decided I wanted them to have horses.  Greg and I made some hobby horses.  Which turned out cute but not a good idea because what kid is going to carry a horse around and their candy bucket (the horses ended up staying in the house) but they were cute in pictures.  I added a piece of leather and some ribbon to their hats, which they also didn't like wearing.  And then made a vest for Jayse.

We got to go trick or treating 3 times.  On Friday my work had desk or treat for all the employees kids.  My kids made out on candy.  They thought it was so fun to go around and get candy from people they made many rounds.

Then on Saturday we went to Boo at the Zoo.  I was completely overwhelmed by how many people were there.  I went with my friend Theresa and her little girl.  Greg went duck hunting so he didn't go.  I ended up renting a wagon from the Zoo because there were so many people and I was panicking trying to keep track of the twins.  After I got the wagon it was better and we walked around and looked at some animals and collected some candy.
Saturday night Greg went to a Halloween party and I went to Theresa's to watch scary movies.  Greg dressed as a nerd for his party.
Theresa picked out the movies and one was in a foreign language with English dubbed over it and the other sounded like it was recorded under water so we ditched the movies and just talked and watched the kids play.  
Sunday Greg and I took the kids trick or treating in our neighborhood.  They were so cute, I was worried they wouldn't want to go up to the doors but Jaelee went straight up to the doors and knocked. Jayse lingered behind and went up to the door after someone answered.  At one house they had clothes stuffed with a scary mask on it and Jayse screamed his head off.  He kept pushing me away from the scary guy, Jaelee just walked right past it and knocked on the door.  Jayse finally went by it while I stood in front of it.  It was a lot of fun seeing them trick or treat for the first time.
I have to add a picture I took of Jayden in his Halloween costume. You may recognize it. This was Jayse's costume for his first Halloween. So cute...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The weekend Greg and I got married my mom took the twins and Greg and I went to Donnelly to go camping and hunting. We were hoping to get a buck.  We had a lot of complications before we even got out of town.  We had the jeep full of firewood and the back was so heavy with the wood and camper that it was rubbing one of the tires and had started to rub into the tread.  So Greg decided that if he hurried and put a new shock on the back it would help.  We thought for a moment that it helped so we set out but later we could hear it rubbing the tire again.  We ended up stopping at Lowes and unloading the wood and putting it on top of the jeep towards the front but that didn't seem to lighten the load on the tire so we off loaded the wood again.  We thought about just taking the wood to my sister since she lived near by and dumping it there but it was all ready dark and we knew we wouldn't have light to look for firewood when we got to our camping spot so we decided we had better keep it.  Greg decided that we could put the wood on the back of our pop up and he tied bailing twine around it like a spider web.  I was so nervous about driving with the wood on the back of the camper tied only by bailing twine that I watched it the whole way.  I also had to sit in the back seat behind Greg so we would have less weight on the right side of the jeep - this was a totally awesome way to start off.

We eventually got on the way.  And finally we got to our camping spot with out any incidents and started to set up camp.  By this point it is super late and dark, I didn't even want to start a fire (after having so many issues to get our firewood up here so I could) I just wanted to go to bed.  We got our pop up set up and Greg started the generator.  After getting everything put together we went inside to watch a movie as we feel asleep but our generator was having issues and our tv or heater would cut out.  We finally just went to bed.

We woke up early the next morning so we could go hunting.  There were a lot of hunters out and about all ready.  We drove around all morning and didn't see a single animal but the scenery was beautiful.  We drove to the top of one of the mountains to the look out tower and could see for miles.  And the colors of all the trees and shrubby was amazing - all the yellows, red & oranges. 

By the afternoon it was starting to really rain, we headed back to camp to eat and take a nap.  After napping shortly we headed back out to try and find some deer.  By this point it was really starting to rain and as we got further up the mountain it was snowing and pretty foggy.
We realized we were not going to see much in snow and fog so we headed to the other side of the mountain and it was beautiful the sky was really blue with spots of clouds.
But again we didn't see anything.  It would turn out that the only deer we would see were the ones we saw when we were in town (they're no dumbies). We headed back to our camp and this time we got our fire.  The rain had stopped for a short while and we were enjoying our time outside by the fire.
 I had a little photo montage with myself......
 Bo ran around....
 Our lovely accommodations.
 Kicking my feet up by the fire.  And sporting the fuzzy socks.  A must have for camping.
It was a full moon and I thought it looked very dramatic with the clouds around it.  It was really hard to get a photo of it though.  Here's my best shot.
By the morning it was still raining and Greg and I both decided we had had enough so we headed home to see our twins.   Another adventurous camping excursion.