Friday, April 30, 2010

The Cast is Off

A week ago today Jaelee got her cast off.  We were so excited for the day I took the entire day off work so I could take the kids to the zoo after she got her cast off and I bought her a new outfit and shoes just for this day.  Greg and I both took her to the Dr. and it seemed like we had to wait forever in the Dr.'s office to get the cast off.  They bring in this machine to cut off her cast it was loud and she screamed her head off the entire time.  When the cast was off I was so relieved and excited to see her little legs.  They were covered in dry skin and she had a sore in the crease of her thigh.  Once it was off she still screamed and the Dr. said that most people would think it is a relief to get it off but it is scary and has become a security blanket to her.  They then x-rayed her to make sure the bone was healing just fine.  The Dr. told us it was still healing but was healed enough she could put weight on it.  He told us it would take about a week for her to be able to walk again and that she would have a limp for about a month.  When we left Greg went to work and I took the kids home so they could take a bubble bath, from the time it took from the hospital to get home Jaelee had scratched her legs until it bled (must of been really itchy).  The twins loved the bubble bath they were in their for about 45 minutes until I started to notice Jaelee looked sleepy.  We had a quick lunch and I put them down for a nap.  I figured we would go to the zoo after they woke up - but they slept for 4 hours (all the excitement of getting her cast off must of made them super tired) and by the time they woke up it was close to the closing time for the zoo so I decided we would go to the park instead and try the zoo the next day.

The park was a lot of fun.  It was really good to see the twins playing together again.  Jaelee adapted really well.  I carried her around from slide to slide and she crawled around the tops of them going through the tunnels, it was amazing that she just got her cast off and she was all ready finding ways to get around.  We called it a day after playing for an hour and went home to meet dad for dinner.

The next day we went to burger king for lunch and they had a sponge bob kids meal which rocked because the kids LOVE sponge bob right now and their sponge bob watch was a big hit.  Then we went to the zoo, Greg had to work so I took the kids by myself.  I thought it would be pretty easy, just push them around in the stroller and point out the animals but it wasn't before long that Jayse was whining to get out of the stroller.  I let him out and soon realized that was a huge mistake.  Jaelee then wanted out but of course couldn't walk so I was trying to carry her and push the stroller and keep track of Jayse.  That didn't last long before I put her back in the stroller and tried to get Jayse back in but he of course screamed his head off.  It was fun walking around looking at the animals.  Jayse loved the petting zoo and feeding the goats, Jaelee did not like it at all and screamed when the goats got too close.  The trip around half the zoo took us about 2 1/2 hours because Jayse was just walking slowly and looking at all the people and bumping into a few of them.  He started to get really whiny but didn't want to get in the stroller so finally I tricked him into pushing the stroller and I helped him push it straight to the car.  The zoo was a lot of fun but a lot of work, I think next time we'll wait until dad can come with us.

It has been a great week and I am so glad to have my girl back. We have seen a definite change in her attitude, she is much happier and is back.  She has started to walk again, it's still a little rough, she has a limp and is only taking 6-7 steps at a time right now but she is getting there.  We just love her so much and are so excited to have our crazy little girl on the mend.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Cute Easter Chick - with a cast

We had a great Easter, we went out to my Aunts on Saturday for the annual Easter Egg hunt. It is a lot of fun to see my cousins and family. The kids always have such a fun time. The big kids go and hide the eggs while the little kids wait excitedly to go hunt. Each of the kids got to find 28 eggs!! Poor Jaelee and her cast I pulled her around in a wagon and she helped to point out the eggs. My mom and brothers helped Jayse find his. After the hunt we got to see all our treats in our eggs and eat a great dinner.

On Sunday my mom, brothers and sister came over to have lunch and color eggs. I just love HAM and potatoes. The twins got play dough for Easter and some Spongebob jammies.  Hope everyone else had a great Easter.
The egg Greg did - Jayse Saying No, Greg w/muscles, Jaelee with a cast, and me on the computer

2 Days until Jaelee gets her cast off! Can't wait.  And exactly 1 month til the twins turn 2!