Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Cute Easter Chick - with a cast

We had a great Easter, we went out to my Aunts on Saturday for the annual Easter Egg hunt. It is a lot of fun to see my cousins and family. The kids always have such a fun time. The big kids go and hide the eggs while the little kids wait excitedly to go hunt. Each of the kids got to find 28 eggs!! Poor Jaelee and her cast I pulled her around in a wagon and she helped to point out the eggs. My mom and brothers helped Jayse find his. After the hunt we got to see all our treats in our eggs and eat a great dinner.

On Sunday my mom, brothers and sister came over to have lunch and color eggs. I just love HAM and potatoes. The twins got play dough for Easter and some Spongebob jammies.  Hope everyone else had a great Easter.
The egg Greg did - Jayse Saying No, Greg w/muscles, Jaelee with a cast, and me on the computer

2 Days until Jaelee gets her cast off! Can't wait.  And exactly 1 month til the twins turn 2!

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