Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super heros

After I took the paint off their belly's from our Valentine pictures I put Jaelee in my bed to watch a movie.  Jayse had seen a picture of a super hero face painting in my face painting kit and was begging me to paint his face.  So we sat down on the kitchen floor and I painted his face.  When we were done he said he needed a cape.  Finally the capes I made for them for Christmas a year ago were going to get used.  While I was finding the cape he looked in the mirror at his face.  At first I'm not sure he liked it.  He looked in the mirror and then turned away and told me to get out of the bathroom.  After he had his cape he had to go show Jaelee.  Right away she wanted her face painted too.  She picked a picture in the book and told me she wanted green & blue paints.  I painted her face, put her cape on and couldn't resist taking a few photos.

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