Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Heros Day 2 & Super Bowl

I am so caught up on blogging that I am blogging about what happened today!  Jayse wanted his face painted again today. He picked a little bit different design and I painted it on. Today Jaelee decided to be a kitty cat.

Jaelee still wasn't feeling very good today and had a small fever so she and I stayed home instead of going to Greg's friends to watch the super bowl.  Greg and Jayse went.  Her and I had fun doing girl stuff.  We did laundry, painted her finger & toe nails, ate junk food and had a bowl of ice cream.  We did watch the football game though - woo hoo Giants!!

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  1. The kids are sooooo cute...I wish we could see them more often!!!! I love the face painting!!