Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hockey Game

Greg scored tickets for us to go to a Steelheads hockey game.  It just so happened that Greg and I went on our first date to a hockey game because I had scored a couple tickets to the game almost exactly 5 years ago to the date (2 days difference).  It was fun to go and see how much the kids liked it.  We were lucky enough that the seats were right by the glass so we got to see all the action up close.  We got there a bit early and the players were practicing.  One saw Jayse and hit a puck over the glass for him.  He loves it and even took it to the sitters the next day to show everyone because he was so excited. 

It was fun watching the game and eating popcorn.  The kids took Greg & I's phones and were taking pictures for a while.  We left a little early to get them home and in bed.

I love how intense his face looks as he tries to get a picture.

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