Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look whos walking...................well almost

The twins are now 14 months old and almost walking. They can stand up with no assistance and take 4-5 steps but then fall over and resort back to crawling. Jayse was the first to start standing up with no assistance a couple of weeks ago but he would just stand there and not take a step. He stands up so proud of his accomplishment. He looks at us and starts clapping for himself and we quickly follow clapping and cheering. Now Jaelee is standing up and quickly clapping all happy and proud of herself. I of course am proud of them as well. They are so cute and it is just awesome to watch them grow and learn. They can now take a few steps and I know they will soon be fully walking. (Hopefully in time to visit grandma and grandpa Thornton because I want them to walk on the beach) I am excited and exhausted at the thought.

Last night I found a new spot to take photos so we took my "new" photo prop out to my spot and took some photos. While we were out there taking photos the twins decided to show off their new skills. Below are a ton of photos. We all know I love photos. You can view my favorite photos from our photo shoot on my photography blog and even more photos on my flickr account.


  1. My little one is at about the same point the twins are. It is so amazing to see how quickly they tackle new tasks! Again, your photos are amazing and your kids are adorable!