Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some Photo Fun.

I did a photo shoot with a 3 month old baby girl today and had so much fun. She was just adorable. You can see a sneak peak of her photos here: Sneak Peak of Baby L

Once I was done the twins saw all my cool props and started playing with them so I snapped a few photos of them. They were more interested in playing with my stuff than sitting there but I got a few good photos. Even Greg let me get a few photos of him. You can see his photo on the right side of my blog. Isn't he adorable? I just love him so much!

This is one of my new backgrounds. I think it's adorable. Jaelee really did not want to sit there but I made her anyway (I'm so mean in the name of getting a cute photo). By the way she is officially fully walking now! She just walks around the house doing laps. It's so cute. And Jayse is going to be right behind her any day now.

This is one of my new tutus. Jaelee HATES it. I think it is so cute on her and would make a great photo but the second I put it on her she screams and pulls at it. This is the best pic I could get.
And here is Jayse displaying my new huge tea cup. He's a little big for it but he sure looks cute in it. Jayse couldn't get out of it so I got a few cute photos of him. He sure does love his feet. And lately he has had this obsession with shoes. He puts Gregs shoes on his feet or hands and crawls around the house with them on. He screams when they fall off.

What a cutie! Finally a picture of him smiling. I had to work hard for this one! But boy is it worth it. He has a such a cute smile.

And the last picture Jaelee and her daddy. Not much to say about this but LOVE it!

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