Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth of July

This year like many other years we went out to Melba for the Fourth of July. I was excited to see how the twins would like the parade and fire works now that they are a little older. We started out the morning by going to the parade.

(Jayse waiting for the parade to start)

(Jaelee waiting for the parade to start)

(My beautiful little family waiting for the parade)

(My little brother, Holden, was at the front of the parade carrying the flag!)

After the parade my whole family went to my moms house for lunch. My other little brother Hunter did all the cooking on the grill. It was so cute to see him cooking. They are growing up :(

(Hunter grilling)

(The twins enjoying my moms porch swing, they love to swing)

After lunch we went home and let the twins take a nap, well we did too. Then we went back out to Melba to watch the fire works. Accidentally left my camera at home so no more pictures. The fire works were awesome and the twins didn't even cry from the loud noise (thought the would) they were really tired but managed to stay awake for the whole thing. Of course they were out within a matter of minutes once they were in the car. Once we got home we put them to bed and Greg and I got to hang out in the hot tub. It was a great Fourth of July. Hope everyone else had a wonderful day.

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