Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week in review

It's been another busy week. Greg has been out of town again working in Utah. And the twins and I have been busy. On Saturday we went to the store and got some new fabric for backgrounds for our Easter pictures. Then we came home and tried to do Easter pictures but that didn't work very well with out dads help. The twins just wanted to crawl away and when I found something to keep them there they wouldn't smile. So we will try again this weekend when Greg gets back.

We went to Chuck E Cheese on Sunday for a birthday party and ate lots of pizza and watched all the big kids play. On Monday I stayed home with the babies because we couldn't find a baby sitter but we had lots of fun cleaning. We cranked up the music and got most of the house clean. Jaelee has started to bounce when she hears music it is so cute.

(Jaelee helping me clean)

The rest of the week went by pretty much as usual. I woke up early in the morning to get ready for work and feed the babies. Theresa watched the twins for a couple of days this week, I am very grateful for her help.

(Just a cute pic of the the twins looking out the window)

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