Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snow Adventure

The weekend before last we borrowed some tire tubes from Greg's friends and decided to go find some snow and go tubing. We got the kids and ourselves all bundled up. We stopped at a gas station near our home that has free air and aired up the tubes before we got out of town. We drove towards Idaho City just looking for a good hill. We found one that was pefect and someone before us had paved the way. Greg and I headed up the hill each of us with a kid and a tube. I wore my "cute" boots and found very quickly it was nearly impossible to get up the hill because I had no traction. After rolling down the hill twice, once with each kid I gave up and grabbed my camera to take pictures of the the kids. Greg decided he wanted to go down the hill from super high up. He yelled down to me to move the kids but I told him they were out of the way and to go ahead if he came near them I would just kick him out of their path. Haha LOL I laugh about that now because when he came down the hill flying at high speeds he was right in the path of the kids - headed straight towards them. I realized at the speed he was going I was not going to be able to kick him out of the way and he realized it too. He bailed out of the tube and his body just went flying. It knocked the wind out of him but he avoided a collision with the twins. The twins were crying because they were scared and I was scared too but Greg is tough and after he got his breath back we kept playing in the snow.  Eventually he made stairs in the snow up the hill for me and I was able to take the kids up and slide down a few times.  We had a lot of fun!

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