Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Easter Weekend

I like Easter but it's not one of those Holidays I get totally amped up for like Halloween. The only tradition we have is going out to my Aunts for an Easter egg hunt. Which is totally fun! We were talking about it while we were out there and we have been doing this for a long time - since I was little!

The twins had so much fun hunting for eggs. Each of the kids got to find 16 eggs or so, Jaelee filled her basket in no time. She is a great egg finder. She then got to help Jayse & Jayden find theirs. After all the eggs were found we got to hang out, outside, which doesn't happen a lot these days because of this cold weather we've been having. The twins rolled down the hill, threw their new pokey balls, played in rocks and had fun chasing the big kids around. When things were winding down and it was time to leave, they didn't want to go.
Ok to the pictures.........
On Sunday we had a big Easter breakfast and then colored eggs.  The twins were so cute this year coloring eggs.  We made some good ones.  You can see Greg's egg on the side of my blog.  I loved it so much I decided it can hang around on the blog for a while.


 We had a quick Easter egg hunt in our yard.  They both found a lot of eggs.

Jaelee helped me peel the eggs.  She did one all by herself.  She cracked it and peeled the whole thing.  We were both very proud.

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  1. You are such a good Mommy!!!..and Greg a good daddy!!!