Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Twins Birthday Party Weekend

I kept trying to tell myself I wasn't going to do very much for the twins 4th birthday party.  We had a lot going on and so did everyone else so I wasn't expecting very many people to make it.  BUT when I started pulling everything out from our closets that I had purchased over the months I had a lot of stuff.

Jaelee and Jayse got to choose the theme for their birthday this year.  Jaelee wanted a fairy party and Jayse wanted a super hero party.  I had to find a way to incorporate both into one party.  I found most of the decorations/party favors at the thrift and dollar stores.

Party Details:
I made their birthday invitation because I couldn't find anything that had both a fairy and a super hero. 
I created the cake stands from plates I found at target and the dollar stores and candle stick holders I got at thrift stores and spray painted.   Jaelee and I made the flower I put on top from coffee filters and food coloring.
I found little jars with lids at the thirft stores and more candle stick holders for the candy jars.  I made cupcakes, buckeye balls & chocolate covered marshmallows for the treats.
We also had pixie sticks, marshmallow ropes, butter fly gummies and I found sugar sticks with the Avenger characters on the packaging. 
I created a banner that said Fairies and Super Heros Unite. And made a background of a fairy and super hero world out of tissue paper and just printed my fairy and super hero from my birthday invitations.
Usually we BBQ but this year I wasn't sure what the weather would be like and I didn't want Greg to be missing the party by having to cook everything so I decided to get sub-sandwitches at our local grocery store and just sliced them up and added trays for all the condiments.  I didn't get a picture of it but it was a genius idea and made lunch so easy.

For the party favors for the boys I had found on pinterest a super hero fort kit.  I thought it was a great idea to go with our super hero theme.  I found everything for the fort kit again at thrift stores and the dollar store.  The super hero fort kit had: a large piece of fabric with ties,  flash light, clips, bungee cords, clothes pins, rope, hooks with window suckers, magic eye glasses, a super hero cape & a spider man plane all in a mesh bag you can put on like a back pack.  I made the capes by cutting the super hero logo out of felt and then I just used my glue gun to add a strip of fabric with a Velcro clasp.
For the girls we had fairy wings, a little purse, a tulle skirt, necklace, a braclet kit so they can make their own, a ring, a wand, fairy dusy, a flashlight and a flower head piece.  I ended up making the wings because I couldn't find any at the dollar store.  I had seen them there a bunch of other times but when I wanted them they didn't have them, so I set out and made my own.  I had some wire that I just twisted into the shape of wings and then I bought some tulle and hot glued it to the wire and then added some elastic for the girls to put their arms through.  They weren't perfect but they worked.
Here is Jaelee and Nyah modeling the girls' stuff.
For the party the kids played outside.  I made a bubble potion and put it in a container they so they could pour their own bubbles in a cup.  I made the wands from pipe cleaners.  They had fun playing outside blowing bubbles and jumping on the trampoline.
I wish I could make a cute cake for the twins but I don't have the patients to decorate it, so every year they each have a cupcake to blow candles out.
The kids got some really great presents this year.  They are getting really fun to shop for as they get older.  Their big gift was they each got scooters.
Thank you to everyone that celebrated with us.  It is always fun to see everyone and get together.

Here are a few pictures of the kids riding their scooters and playing with Jayse's rocket.  And Amy if you are reading this.....these are the only jammies they have worn since they got them and Jayse wears his half the time during the day.


Here are a few random photos from the weekend.  Greg was doing some weed picking and I came outside to see how it was going and I found him and Jayse like this.  LOL so cute, he had been picking weeds like this for a while.  What a great little helper he has.
 And little miss with her new baby alive feeding her on the trampoline.

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