Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alaska Day 2 - Denali

On the second day in Alaska we woke up and had breakfast at the Country Kitchen across the street from our hotel.  They had some great breakfast options, Greg got a reindeer sausage omelet and I had some meat breakfast.  My cousin Cade couldn't resist ordering ribs and fries for breakfast, why not we are on vacation right?  
(on a wall by our hotel, I liked how there were quit a few walls with art like this on it)
After breakfast we drove from Anchorage to Denali (Mt. McKinley).  The drive was really pretty. We made pretty good time by only stopping once at a convenience store. It was interesting while driving through Alaska I saw ice cream shops and signs all over the place. And a few of us got an ice cream cones at the gas station on our stop. I later found a sign that said Alaska consumes the most ice cream out of any other state.
We stayed at the Princess Lodge in Denali and it was beautiful, the lodge was really big but cozy.The Princess Lodge was like its own little village with restaurants, a theater dinner, shopping, hot tubs & many buildings with hotel rooms.
(The little shops across the street from the lodge)
(Cade waiting by the RV for us to get checked in.)
(Hunter waiting by our luggage.)
When we were settled in ate pizza at a little place next to the princess lodge. After dinner we went across the street and did some shopping. In one of the shops they sold fudge and I bought some chocolate caramel fudge. It was soooo good.
(Greg and I took a quick walk before dinner. We found these flowers - which I believe are called fire weed. We were told that they grow after a fire has come through the area. Very pretty)

(The view from the back of the lodge.)
After shopping Greg, Jaron, Hunter & I spent some time in the hot tub. We had a beautiful view of the mountains and the water below. We were out there until midnight and it was still pretty light out but when we were walking back to our room we did manage to see a pink sunset.
(The only sunset we saw while in Alaska.)

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