Sunday, March 22, 2009


Greg and I just got back from our trip to Vegas. We had a lot of fun but we of course missed home and the twins. The twins stayed with Grandma McGary and their uncles while Greg and I went on vacation. Our trip started out a little rocky. The night before we were supposed to leave we realized Greg's license was expired. We were supposed to leave at 6 in the morning to drive to Salt Lake City to catch a flight to Las Vegas but because we had to wait to renew his license we didn't leave until 8:30. We drove as fast as we could to Salt Lake and we were 5 mintues late for our flight. We were able to get on a standby flight for the next flight out. We then took a shuttle to our hotel, which took an hour even though the airport is not far away because we were the last ones to be dropped off. So when we arrived in Vegas we were exhausted and starving. On the way there we also realized that we had forgot our good camera. I was disappointed but luckily we had our old camera with us.

(Greg and I in the Salt Lake City airport)

(Greg at the Las Vegas airport while waiting for our shuttle)

(Our hotel the Tropicana)

When we arrived at our hotel we went and ate at the buffet and then went back to our room and got ready to go out. We went to the MGM Grand & the New York New York and looked around. We played a few of the slot machines, got some drinks and had our pictures taken at this place called Photo Magic where they put your face on someone elses body.

(Greg & I playing some slot machines)

(Greg & My's Photo Magic shot)

(Greg and I with our mega drinks, they were sooo good)

The next day we walked around to almost all the hotels and looked around. We went to a shark reef aquarium in the Mandalay Bay and Greg touched a sting ray. We went to the secret garden in the Mirage and saw lions, tigers and dolphins. And we rode the huge roller coaster in the New York New York. It was a lot of walking and by the end of the day we were tired our feet hurt and mine were black with dirt.

(Walking around Vegas)

(Greg touching a sting ray)

(Greg and I in the Shark Reef aquarium)

(My dirty feet after a long day of walking, I swear I was wearing shoes)

The next day we took it a little slower and walked around, watched the Treasure Island show, and just kinda looked around more.

(Outside of Ceasars Palace)

(Me inside the Venetian)

(Greg inside the Venetian)


  1. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Were you celebrating something? Glad you had a good time and I am sure it was nice to get away!

  2. Not celebrating anything, just went for fun. It was our first vacation together and it was the longest we had ever been away from the twins. It was nice to get away.