Sunday, March 8, 2009

Month Recap

We have had a busy month! Greg's sister, Jenelle, moved in with us. She has been a huge help with the babies. Especially this month because Greg was working out of town in Park City Utah for 3 weeks putting up siding in a new condo/hotel there. He got to see some cool winter sports like bob sledding and skiing. And he has become quit the photographer. He took my camera with him and captured this cool picture.

We missed him very much and while he was gone Jayse got a double ear infection. He was miserable for a week. When Greg got back his mom and dad came for Valentines day weekend to visit and bring the rest of Jenelle's stuff. We were excited they were here and glad we got to see them.
The next weekend my brother Hunter turned 18! We went over there for cake and ice cream. I can't believe my little brother is 18. Greg and I bought him some lottery tickets and he won 41 bucks!
Grandma McGary gave Jaelee some ice cream and I think she went into a sugar coma.

The weekend following Hunters birthday we moved into a new house (new to us anyway). Still living in Meridian just moved a couple miles away. The babies are loving all the room to roam. Greg and I are excited to have a bigger kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Most importantly we have a big fenced yard! I can't wait for summer when the we can all go outside and play. But for now Greg and I found a used 2 person hot tub and installed it. We haven't had a chance to use it yet but are anxiously waiting. Here is a few pictures of Jaelee in the tubs playing as we were trying to pack.

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  1. Your babes are so cute! Jayce looks like your little brother! Are you unpacked yet? How exciting to have a new home. It is amazing how much fun it is, for a while anyways, to mow your own lawn, plant flowers, and just have a place to call your. Congratulations again!