Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our sweet life

Even though the weather has been depressing we have managed to start spring by spending as much time as possible outside.

But first up a picture of the twins napping.  They would not go to sleep and I kept going in there to put them back in their beds.  I went in there for the last time and found them asleep in the same bed.  You'll also notice they have moved their pillows to the end of their bed.  I waited until I knew they were almost up before I took the picture because I figured my camera would wake them.  And sure enough it did.

When I went out for my sister's birthday we wore masquerade masks and dresses.  Here is Jaelee modeling my mask.
The twins and I went outside to play even though it was pretty cold.  We got out the bike and the car and played up and down the side walk in our neighbor hood.  I got a few cute pictures of them and photoshopped a few of my favorites.  Oh how I wish it was warm and we could spend more time outside. 

They started to fight over the car so we made it a double decker and I pushed them up and down the street like this.

A little fun jumping on the bed. Also Jaelee is in love with big skirts and tutus at the moment. She wears this one over her pants and even wants to wear it to bed some nights. She calls all her skirts and tutus dancing queens because whenever she would wear a skirt we would tell her to dance like a dancing queen and it stuck. When she hears music she runs to put dancing queen on. This past weekend her and I were in a store and she saw this big fluffy skirt and she had to have the dancing queen, she even told the clerk it was her dancing queen.

My cute nephew Jayden has learned to crawl.  He crawled into the bathroom while the twins were taking a bath and got into our bath toy bucket and somehow managed to loop his arm into the handle.  He's so cute.
I got this towel robe for Jaelee.  I have one and use it all the time and I thought she would like to have one also.  She loves it.  She wore it the whole weekend all day and to bed.

I bought the twins some squirt bottles and we had to go outside to test them out.  Jaelee in her rain boots, towel robe, tutu underneath and jacket - so cute.  Jayse also picked his outfit out - so cute also.

Hoping that awesome weather is to come so we can have more outdoor fun.......

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