Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow Fairies

I have been bad at blogging lately but we haven't been up to anything too exciting around here.  And on top of that my card reader broke and I couldn't upload photos of the things we have managed to do.  I got it figured out now so I'll try and catch up.

It snowed here a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to take some pictures of Jaelee with wings and her lady bug boots on in the snow.  We took a few and I could see Jayse peaking out at us so we came in and he wanted to go outside in some wings too.  So I put wings and his boots on and we went back outside. Greg doesn't love Jayse being in pink wings but hey...he makes an adorable boy fairy.  I got some really cute photos.  So here are a few.

That will probably be all the catching up I do for now. I need to go pack, I'm on my way to HAWAII tomorrow! I am going for 5 days. It's just me, Greg and the kids are staying home. One of my best friends decided to do a destination wedding so I get to go to Hawaii and I get to see her get married. I'm sure I'll have LOTS of pictures to share when I get back.


  1. Those two cuties have the most AMAZING eyes! These are adorable pictures. Have fun in Hawaii! I'm totally jealous.

  2. You are so talented and your kids are so cute! Enjoy Hawaii! I am really jealous, especially with all this cold weather here. Have a great time.

  3. LUCKY YOU! I can't wait to see pictures of your trip, and the little fairies are cute...just remind Greg of his "pink" luggage he carried around.