Friday, May 20, 2011

First Camping Trip of 2011

We had been itching to go camping but the weather has been so rainy and cold that we hadn't had a chance. So on mothers day weekend we decided to head out. The weather was nice. It was warm and pretty much sunny. We camped by the Snake River and before we left I mentioned to Greg that I should bring shoes & clothes for the twins to get in the water. He said no, the water is moving too fast and it's too cold they wont be in the water....... UH HU. It took them all of 15 minutes before they were in the mud & water.
It wasn't long before their shoes & socks were soaked and those were coming off and they were going even further into the water.
And it wasn't long after that the soaking wet pants had to come off...
Then it was time to help dad get the fishing poles ready for fishing...
 The twins were starting to get cold so we headed into the pop up to get warm and watch a movie.
We had finished one movie, I had put some new pants on the twins and we headed back down by the water to check on dads progress with the fish catching.  It took them all of 5 minutes to end up soaking wet again.  This time they went in up to their necks and both of them even fell a couple of times getting totally soaked but they had a ton of fun.
When the twins got chilly again we went back into the trailer and cuddled under the blankets and watched another movie.  Dinner was all right but we forgot hamburger buns and our chips.  So we had hamburgers on hot dog buns and plain hot dogs.

As it was getting dark it started to rain so the kids and I hung out in the trailer reading books and doing puzzles.  Jaelee feel asleep really quickly and Jayse was dying to go outside by the fire.  He went out there with dad and made smores.
 The weather got worse as the night went on.  The rain was really coming down and the wind was howling.  Our pop up started to leak, which we have never had happen before but the rain was harsh.  I had pots set up in various locations.  The wind was so loud and was wiping around the tarp we put over the pop up.  After several hours I was ready to leave.  The twins kept waking up from the loud noises and Greg & my's air mattress somehow got a hole so we were all huddled together on one side of the pop up.  I was getting rain dropped on me and was so tired.  BUT I did tough it out and managed to get a few hours of sleep.  On the plus side we had a generator that lasted the whole night and we were nice and warm, just not so dry.

As soon as I saw daylight I woke Greg up so we could pack things up and head home.  It was still raining so we moved fast and put everything back together quickly and headed home.

When we got home I took a nap for a few hours and then my sister and I went to lunch and a movie while Greg watched all the kids for Mothers Day.

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