Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Western Idaho Fair

This year for the fair I entered the photo contest with 3 of my photos, so we had to go to the fair to check out if I won anything and have a little fun while there.  The first thing we always do is go look for my photos.  This year we found the photos but no awards, not even an honorable mention. Oh well it's still fun to see my photos displayed there.

After finding my photos we went and took a look at all the animals.  The kids LOVE the chics, while we were looking at them a lady took one out for them to see up close.  They also got to pet a couple ginnie pigs.
After seeing all the animals we went to the kids part of the rides so they could ride a few.  Every year we go and every year I say I can't believe how expensive it is.  For the kids to each ride a ride on average it cots $8, that adds up really fast.  Anyway enough of my rant, the first ride we saw was a train ride.  Jaelee wanted to go on it and so did Jayse but he did not want to go with out Greg.  Greg did not want to go so while Jayse was crying a throwing a fit Jaelee stood in line, got on the train and rode it all by herself.
 After the train we looked for a ride we knew Jayse would like.  We found the boats that they both rode last year.  Jayse went on the boat ride but gave us a sad face the whole time.
  After the boats Jaelee wanted to ride on the dragon roller coaster.  Jayse did not want to go on it at all so once again she stood in line with her tickets, got on the ride and rode it all by herself.  She looked a little terrified when the coaster went down the first hill but then she really liked it and said she wanted to do it again but we moved on to find another ride they both could ride.
 They both wanted to ride in the helicopter.  They were ready to go by themselves but the ride operator stopped Jaelee and kept saying she was too small.  So in order for them both to go Greg or I had to ride with them, I made Greg ride it so I could get pictures, LOL.
When we'd spent all our tickets for the rides we let each of them pick out a game to play.  They first played the game where you squirt water into a hole and whoever's car to the top the fast one.  Jayse won that game and got a blue dolphin.  Jaelee played a game where she got to hook swans and got to pick a small prize, she chose a baton.
After the games Jayse saw a ride he really wanted to go in.  It was cars that looked like cars on the movie cars, ha that sounds funny.  We went and purchased a few more tickets so they both could ride the cars ride.
After all the rides and games we went to the petting zoo, fed a few animals and by that time we were all hot and ready to go. It was a lot of fun at the fair this year with the kids getting bigger and being able to play the games and ride more of the rides.

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