Monday, May 4, 2009

Jayse's surgery

As some of you know Jayse was born with a cleft lip and palate. Well, Jayse is having surgery to repair his cleft palate on Thursday. I am nervous about it of course because it is surgery and there is always a worry when it comes to surgery but I am excited for Jayse to be a step closer to having a normal mouth. We have a very good surgeon and team for his surgery and the Dr. is very optimistic about the outcome. He will have to do some work on Jayse's nasal area, the roof of his mouth and some reconstruction of the muscles in his throat. It should make it easier for him to eat and speak when that time comes but he still may require some speech thearpy. In prepration for his surgery we have had to ween him off a bottle. We had to do this a lot faster than we thought. We have been giving both the twins sippie cups since they were about 5 months old knowing that this day would come and we were trying to prepare, we thought we had another month or so left before the surgery but we found out last week that the only opening they had for his surgery would be Thursday so we had a week to competely drop the bottles. We decided to take them both off bottles and it has been amazinly smooth. The first night it seemed like they cried a little longer before falling asleep but the next morning we put the bottles away and haven't used them since! So we are all ready for the surgery. He will have to spend the night in the hospital and then we should be coming home Friday. I'll let everyone know how it goes!

Here are some great pictures of Jayse:

Jayse a little over a month old, before he had surgery on his cleft lip

Jayse 2 days after the surgery on his lip (all ready looked great)

Jayse just yesterday playing with Jaelee on the couch with daddy making them laugh


  1. We'll keep him in our prayers this week. They are both adorable & I love seeing the pictures.

  2. Hope everything goes well and keep us updated! You are such a great mommy :)