Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Jayse is doing really well except the twins got sick with something and they both have lost their appetites and have been throwing up the liquids we give them. But they are both starting to get over that. We have been really busy lately. I have been taking some pictures, I took some senior pictures last week and this weekend I got to do a photo shoot of one of my work's homes which was so much fun!
(Senior picture of Anthony)

(Picutre of a Timber Frame Home in New Meadows, that I took! Hopefully this leads to more.)

On Sunday it was so warm we decided to go get a kiddie pool for the twins and a slip and slide for me and Greg, it was so nice to play outside (and the twins got to use their swimming suits for real this time instead of just a fashion show) and Jayse got to spend some time without his arm splints.
(It took Jayse a while to get used to the water but then he loved it!)

(I think his nose was itching him)

(Jaelee liked the water right away but didn't want to put her arms in it)

(Look at all those teeth! And she looks so cute in her swimming suit)


  1. Is that Theresa's brother? If so, I can not believe how much he has grown up! As always, your kids are adorable!

  2. Thanks Kim! Yes that is Theresa's brother. I can't believe he is grown up either. I saw your brother Andy a month ago at my grandpas and I couldn't believe how old he is! It is crazy how the time goes by.