Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update on surgery

(Jayse the morning of his surgery smiling and playing)

So Jayse's surgery went well on Thursday. The night before we let him stay up late and eat whatever he wanted because he wont be able to eat any solid food for at least 3 weeks (which is proving harder then I thought. I never thought about how he would feel when he saw us eating yummy solid food when he can't). We got up early Thursday morning, Jayse couldn't have anything to drink after 6 am so we woke him up super early to drink some water and then we got ready and headed to the hospital, Jayse was doing surprisingly well for not having his normal breakfast. We had to wait for a little while when we got there and then went back into the pre-surgery area where he got his little hospital gown on.

They gave him some medicine to make him sleepy and when the nurse came to get him to take him back he just went to her without even looking back at us (he was too busy trying to grab her glasses off her face). The surgery lasted for over 2 1/2 hours and then he was done. The Dr. came and told us that everything went well and he had decided to go ahead and revise Jayses lip along with all the reconstruction of his nose, mouth and throat and told us that he would have a tube in his nose to help him breath because he was going to be pretty swollen. When we went back to the recovery area to see him I was so overwhelmed I saw Jayse and saw him screaming with all this blood I just turned around and cried into Greg's arms. Once I had calmed down I went over to him and picked him up and rocked him for about an hour while they continued to monitor him. He had to stay in the hospital overnight to make sure that he was going to be able to eat well enough before he went home. The first day was really rough, I started to wonder if we had done the right thing. He was just such a happy little boy before and to see him in pain and crying was heart breaking but Greg kept reminding me that we had to do it and it was better to do it sooner then later. Greg stayed with Jayse in the hospital through the night . When I came back in the morning I could tell Greg had a rough night (He looked really tired and his shirt had specs of blood on it form Jayse and a big wet spot where Jayse's diaper had broken and leaked out onto him). He didn't get to sleep at all because he had to hold Jayse the entire night. Jayse had a rough night because basically he had to learn to breath all over again. The doctor told us that some kids feel claustrophobic because their air ways are closed more now and on top of that they are swollen and full of drainage.

Our entire day Friday was spent going up and down the hospital halls pulling Jayse in a little wagon. That was the only thing that he liked. He cried when we went into his hospital room, so we just kept walking around. Jaelee went to my moms to play with her uncles and help my mom with yard work.
(this picture is a little gross with all the blood but he looked so precious in the wagon I had to get a pic)

We were hoping to go home that day by 4 but Jayse hadn't drank enough on his own early enough in the day. We managed to get him to drink about 8 oz's at about 7 but the nurse thought it was too late so they hooked him back up to the iv and told us we were going to have to stay another night. I was going to stay with Jayse but he became such a daddy's boy that he cried whenever Greg wasn't around so we both had to stay. We were trying to get Jayse to sleep that night but he was kicking and thrashing around and he managed to kick the iv out of his foot, the nurse came in and looked at it and said she needed to call the Dr. to see if he wanted her to try and put it back but instead we got great news. The Dr. said since he managed to drink 8 oz on his own that we could go home. So finally at about 10 o'clock Friday night we got to take Jayse home. The night was hard again but definitely bearable since we were at home.

Saturday we saw a huge improvement in Jayse. He was in a better mood, he was smiling, and more active. He was drinking quite a bit and by Sunday he was crawling even though he has those arm splints on (to keep him from putting anything in his mouth, which the nurse said he should wear for 6 weeks!) And all the sudden he has become attached to wearing hats. It is so cute. Also he is sticking out his tongue 24/7 again, it cracks us all up. Greg says he just likes the taste of air like a little puppy. So now that I have gone on and on and on I really just wanted to say that the surgery went well, we had a rough time but now things are great and we love Jayse to pieces and are so proud of how well he is doing and handling everything, he is our little champ!
(Greg and Jayse getting ready to go on a walk, he looks so cute with his hat and arm splints)

(Jayse in the car yesterday after playing frisbee golf with dad)


  1. How awful! I am so glad he is doing better now. Situations like this, I think, are harder on the parents than the kids. Seeing them in pain and not being able to do anything is the worst feeling. I am glad he is recovering and hopefully you are able to recover as well!

  2. I agree that it's almost harder on the parents, seeing them in pain and not being able to do anything to make it better. Glad to hear he's on the road to recovery. He's such a cutie!