Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jaelee's first hair cut!

So Jaelee has started to pull out her pony tails and when she does her hair just goes right into her face. It has been driving me crazy. I hate seeing her hair in her face.

I have been wanting to cut bangs for her so when she pulls her hair out it wont fall into her eyes. Greg didn't want to he thought she would have a mullet. Last night I finally won the battle and I took her into the bathroom and cut her hair.

I think she looks so different but still so cute. I'm sure she'll still have her signature water sprout pony tail but at least now when she doesn't she wont have hair in her eyes.


  1. I'm impressed! That's a pretty straight cut...she must have sat pretty still for you.

  2. She did she's pretty good about just sitting there and letting me mess with her hair.