Thursday, September 17, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

We were so excited for the labor day weekend. We went to Greg's parents home on the Oregon Coast. 2 of his brothers that live hours away from his parents decided to come over while we were there so most of Greg's family was there and we were excited to see everyone.

On the morning we were supposed to leave Jayse was sick - vomiting everywhere. Nobody else was showing signs so we thought it might just be isolated to him but boy were we wrong! On our way over we didn't even get to Nampa before he starting throwing up all over the car. We had to pull over and clean him and the car then we were back on our way.

We made it into Oregon before we had another accident and then Greg started to feel sick. Greg and I still both thought that because both he and Jayse had gone to a softball game the night before that maybe they ate something that gave them food poisoning - again boy were we wrong! After all the stops we had to make for the sick people we didn't get to Greg's parents until really late or early depending on which way you look at it. We stayed up and talked with Greg's mom, LaRee, for a little bit and then went to bed.

Friday morning Jayse and Greg were both feeling better so we thought we had put the sickness behind us. So we headed out to the ocean to do some crab fishing.

We went out on the boat with Greg's dad and it was a lot of fun! Jayse loved being the co-captain. His new obsession is steering wheels.

We caught a bunch of crab and had our limit within 45 minutes.

We saw a bunch of sea lions which I thought was cool but Greg and his dad told me they were there trying to steal food from the crab pots - not ours though because we used chicken as bait. The twins were so cute. They didn't even hesitate to try and touch the crabs and they did really good on the boat for the most part.

After crabbing we met Greg's mom at the beach with Tyler & Braydon. Right after I got Jaelee out of the car she threw up! We were hoping that maybe she just had a little bit of motion sickness and that she wasn't getting what Jayse had.

We had a good time at the beach, the twins walked around in the sand attempted to play on the rocks and even got wet. Jayse got a little too close to the water and a big wave came up and knocked him over - we were done at the beach after that.

Back at the house we got to eat some fresh crab and hang out. Jaelee, however, continued to throw up and was sick for the rest of the night.

Saturday morning I woke and felt awful - needless to say I had got the stomach bug. At this point we realized that this was something more than food poisoning and motion sickness. Realizing that we had brought this sickness with us and now every one of Greg's family members was going to get sick made us feel just terrible. Saturday I just laid on the couch in the basement and watched movies while Greg took care of the twins and hung out. Later that evening I started to feel better so Greg went golfing with his brother Scott and I took care of the twins.

Luckily Sunday for the most part everyone was feeling better! We had a lot of fun hanging out with Greg's family. Greg wanted to go golfing again and I wanted to go with because I have never even been to a golf course before. I was more interested in getting to drive the golf cart then golfing but as that would turn out I didn't get to do much driving...

If I even attempted to move Jayse he would scream so I let him sit there and I "helped" him to drive.
I think this picture is funny.... Jayse is driving and Jaelee is on the phone. I have a feeling this a is a glimpse into the future.

Golfing was fun but it was super windy out there and starting to get cold so I was glad to be heading back and I was excited to try Darrin & Jess' enchilada pie and boy was it delicious. After we got the twins to bed Greg and I went over to Brian & Stacey's to sit around the fire pit. While we were there, their oldest got the stomach bug. I felt just terrible. By the time we were leaving on Monday almost all the kids were sick. Overall we had a really good time but I still feel bad we got everyone sick! And to top it off when we got home we found out that while we were gone my family had been sick.

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