Thursday, July 29, 2010

Growing Up to Fast

The twins are growing up way too fast.  We recently made the transition from the crib to toddler beds.  We wanted to keep them in their cribs for as long as we could to avoid them getting out and just playing when they should be sleeping.  I have to confess I also wanted to keep them in there just because I like that they need me to come and get them out. 

But we decided it was finally I put Greg to work on making toddler beds from plans I got here: Knock-Off Wood Toddler Bed by the way I love this website I have many, many more projects I want to do - stay tuned! 

So Greg made the beds and I painted them all within a weekend.  We made them pretty much exactly like the plans but we used the frame and mattresses from their cribs.  The twins love them.  I thought it would be difficult and I was really worried they would fall out with out railing but once again they surprised me with how great they are and made the adjustment really well.  I think it was harder for me I sat in their room for a while before we took down the cribs and soaked in the last of their babyhood. 

They were so excited about them that when we got them in their rooms they jumped on them and laid in them right away.  The first night they climbed right into their beds pulled their blankets up and we tucked them in gave them their kisses and they went to sleep.  And it has been like that pretty much since.  There were a few times during nap when they would get out and play with their toys but we put them back in their beds and they feel right to sleep. 

Every morning Jaelee has woke up first and she climbs right out of bed and goes over to the toys wakes her brother up and gives him a toy - she is so considerate and a great sharer (real word?).  My brother has been watching them this week and it has been nice for him because he can sleep in and they just come in and wake him up when they get up.

So here are a few pictures of their beds.  I hope to rearrange their room soon, add a few more things and then take some betters photos but for now here you go!
Here's the beds before I painted them.  I love the look of the natural wood and was tempted to just put a glossy sealant over them but I had to paint them white to match all their other furniture.
Jaelee had to go grab her power tools since dad was using his.
She just loves to pretend to sleep now.

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  1. Those beds are so cute! You husband is quite the handy-man! I am impressed.