Friday, October 29, 2010

After getting hitched..

We went to lunch with everyone and then we headed home so the twins could nap.  Napping didn't quit work out so we decided to take the kids to Linder Farms.  It was nice because we had been to Farmstead earlier and had a lot of fun and now we got to check out the other place.  Braydon came with Greg's parents and I am so glad he did.  He is such a cute kid and had a lot of fun at Linder Farms.  Like the other place this one had a ton of stuff to do.  First thing's first we had to get pictures with the cutouts.

The twins played on the tires as we headed to the bounce houses.  Braydon liked going down the big slide and the twins liked the bounce house.  Jaelee turned the bottom of it into her own slide and Jayse found corn to pick up and take to his dad.

After the bouncing we went to the swings. They were swings like they have at the fair where you get strapped in and spun around. Jayse had this little smirk on his face the whole time.  I think all the kids had fun.

After the swings Braydon got to go rock climbing.  Man for being only 6 he sure is an adventurous little guy.  He just scaled right up the rock and down and went again.  He told me that the rock climbing was his favorite.  While he was rock climbing the second time the twins and I went through the hay maze.

Little adventurous Braydon then went on the trampoline, they harness you in so you can bounce really high.   Braydon of course had to try a front flip and a back flip.
Next we decided to take a hay ride, again hard to get pictures while on the hay ride but when we stopped to look at pumpkins I got a few.
After the hay ride Braydon wanted to go back to go rock climbing so Greg, the kids and I took a break and ate some popcorn.  Then we headed over the petting zoo, where they had a kangaroo and a camel among other things.  The twins once again loved feeding the goats and sheep.  I didn't get any pictures in the petting zoo because the moment I stepped in there my allergies got the best of me.
We stood by the fire for a little bit and then headed home.  The twins and Braydon all got in bed to watch a movie.
Thanks again to my in-laws for driving all the way over here and for the great time at Linder Farms!

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